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Ground in accordance with the requirements of the actual situation and to choose the epoxy floor paint


Different ground types and applicability of different applications, determine the type of floor should be used. Surface coating must be designed with the construction design to match the grass-roots strength, consistent with the use of functions.


        If the required load-bearing or walking the floor aisle forklifts, etc., so epoxy mortar floor is relatively good, epoxy floor paint coating the main level and more than a layer of epoxy to the second floor of the epoxy mortar, increasing floor paint Thickness at the same time, its resistance to wear and use will increase the number of years, basically 1MM and 2MM take 1 ton of epoxy mortar -3 ton forklift and general use car tire rubber can, try to scratch hard objects to prevent sharp Hurt


       Of course, some lines have special performance requirements, such as drugs, and the screen industry. Painting on the ground in these industries are food hygiene requirements, clean, sterile requirements. Comparison of GMP pharmaceutical companies use them to use self-leveling epoxy floor with floor, acrylate resin, ground, you can floor construction epoxy mortar, epoxy sand floor, non-slip epoxy floor.