Congratulations to our company promoted to the largest "South China Poly Real Estate" floor coatings class supplier! I warmly congratulate carborundum wearable Floor material sales first!

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Address:18th Floor, Lile Wudong Village, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China (Edited by A01 Factory)

Office Address: No. 159, Lexiang East Road, Wudong Village, Lile Town, Jiangmen City

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Main business: floor paint, carborundum wearable Floor, concrete sealer, and other flooring materials
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Adopting imported production

automation control equipment, we as

sure you to choose suitable flooring materials!

Production Automatic Control

Produce & Market by Ourselves

We can make precise and detailed

standards and provide quality service

for customers with producing and

marketing all by ourselves.

Rich Industry Experience

Jida Paint has more than one

undergraduate engineer, and a group of experienced and skilled builders!


The company's 24-hour service and complaint hotline 4000 011 480


The market is the life of the enterprise, the reputation is the foundation of the development of the enterprise, and the business philosophy of “integrity, innovation, professionalism, and seeking truth” and the service tenet of “let you move” have been working hard. Your satisfaction is our working standard. We will give you a smile with first-class star service and first-class product quality. We will make the following service promises to you:


1. Strictly implement relevant national regulations and enterprise standards, and grasp product quality and project quality.


2. Strictly follow the construction contract to ensure that the quality and quantity of the project are delivered on time.


3. The company establishes construction project files for customers, and details the customer's engineering process and technical materials to ensure accurate service and follow-up work in the future.


4, lifetime after-sales service. All floor projects undertaken by our company are guaranteed for one year free of charge. During the warranty period, our company is responsible for free maintenance (except for human factors damage and irresistible force); repairs beyond the warranty period are only charged at low cost (including material costs and off-site) Round-trip transportation accommodation costs).


5. Our company is responsible for training at least one person who knows the relevant floor knowledge for the customer, so that the customer can repair the small damaged parts in the shortest time and be responsible for the daily maintenance work.


6. For the questions raised by the customer, if there are quality problems, ensure that the reply is given within 24 hours, and the case shall be dealt with in a timely manner according to the results of mutual consultation;


7. Implement a return visit system, return to customers regularly, and listen to opinions.


8. Do a good job in after-sales service, establish a customer service center, solve problems for users in a timely manner, and solve the worries of users.


9. Receiving customers to be active, enthusiastic, meticulous and patient, and to answer questions.


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