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Epoxy construction of grass-roots issues and coping strategies


Epoxy construction of grass-roots issues and coping strategies


 1. defect condition

 Defect status causes Solution

 Drum kits: Apply surface diameter of 2 ~ 5MM to produce 30 ~ 50MM raised different procedures


 Peeling, layered: (1) primary and the film strip between the (primary parent is opened); (2) primary interface with the film strip; (3) strip between the coating and coating


 Crack: (1) contraction of surface coating off the state; (2) primary crack face off with the phenomenon of film




 2. The reason

 Primary drying due to inadequate or excessive moisture content, gas gathered in the coating under the coating surface absorption of water leaving its raised primary surface; or due to impurities is not clear (before curing)


 (1) much higher than the tensile strength of the coating base strength; (2) poor adhesion primer and grass-roots level (primary roughness is not enough or poor quality primer); (3) re-coating interval is too long or a coated surface Serious pollution

 (1) material deviation higher than the Yen-based, resulting in paint curing shrinkage rate is too large, too small extension rate; (2) primary surface cracks, the more easily the better adhesion of the coating surface cracks with grass-roots change; other laws Focus is not good, though not broken but has since coated shell


 3. Solution

 Note that the base surface of the pre-construction surveys and processing, and requirements of the basic conditions for the deviation in time, to meet the requirements for follow-up after construction

 Enhance the quality of materials management; on the coating surface and then re-coated with polished finish; attention to recoat time interval, according to standard operating

 Less serious defects, some of the repair problems; on more serious cracks, the cracks where the film all torn off, the primary surface and then cleaned, re-construction