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Epoxy Floor Technology


Epoxy Floor Technology


Epoxy Floor Technology


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Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 5000 square meters sealing curing agent project perfected


Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. For more than ten years, it has been committed to the production and research and development of various types of slitting and slitting equipment. The company specializes in producing various types of slitting machines with a range of 0.5m~3.5m. Cutting machine, rewinding machine, inspection machine, applicable materials include: all kinds of film, paper, non-woven fabric, copper foil, aluminum foil, etc. The machine produced by the company has reasonable overall structure design, high precision, high reliability, and people. The machine interface is friendly, easy to operate, etc. The product has excellent performance and high cost performance.


Nantian Company can also design and manufacture mechanical equipment with different requirements according to the requirements of users. Nantian people pay attention to the practicality, stability and performance price ratio of the products. Design and manufacture more perfect, more practical and advanced equipment for users.


Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. selected Jiangmen Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd. JD1-01 sealing curing agent, and made proofing to Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the early stage of cooperation.


The results of the hardening treatment of the corundum ground were consistently satisfied and recognized. Finally, we chose to cooperate with Jiangmen Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd., and we are very grateful to the leaders of Jiangmen Nantian Machinery Manufacturing for their recognition of Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd.





Engineering features:


1. Hard: The Mohs hardness will reach 8~9 and the Mohs hardness will increase by 45% after the surface treated by the permeable seal hardening material.


2, wear-resistant: osmosis type seal hardening material can solidify various components in concrete into a hard body to increase hardness and compactness, after the use of the ground ripening, the wear resistance will be increased to more than 8 times.


3. Dust-proof: The permeable seal-hardening material chemically reacts with the silicate in the concrete to form a dust-free and dense whole on the concrete surface, which permanently controls the deposition of concrete dust from the surface voids.


4, non-slip: general concrete floor, salt and alkali components will precipitate from the surface, leading to slip. However, the surface of the permeable seal-hardening material is different. It forms a strong, dense whole on the concrete surface, and the salt-alkali component does not precipitate from the surface.


5. Compressive strength: The compressive strength of the treated sample is 25% stronger than that of the untreated sample, and the flexural strength is also improved.


6. Impermeability: The permeable seal-hardening material can effectively penetrate into the concrete and chemically react with it to lock the pores inside, and have a permanent sealing effect on the concrete surface, which can effectively inhibit water, oil and other surface pollution. The object enters the concrete.


7. Anti-weathering: UV and water spray have no adverse effect on the treated sample, which can effectively prevent the passage of chloride ions. The test shows that the treated ground effect will not be affected by exposure to electromagnetic or water mist. .


8. Corrosion resistance: The ground treated by the permeable seal hardening material will greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the concrete.


9. Brightness: The concrete floor treated by the permeable seal-hardening material will have a marble-like luster. The longer the gloss, the better the gloss.


10. Environmental protection: The permeable seal-hardening material is a kind of concrete seal, dustproof and wear-resistant hardener. It is colorless, odorless, non-toxic and non-combustible, and can make concrete concrete and dustproof.




Scope of application:


1. The environment that needs to be cleaned has certain requirements on the dust content in the air, but it is not suitable for the area of ​​the surface coating material.


2, any indoor and outdoor need for hard, highly wear-resistant, high impermeability requirements of new and old concrete base, terrazzo, cement-based wear-resistant ground and cement mortar surface layer and other cement-based building materials surface, such as factories, shopping centers , warehouses, parking lots, service stations, hangars, freight distribution centers and other areas.




The company adheres to the philosophy of “Science, Quality, Customer First”. Innovation and development are accompanied by the vigorous development of China's economy. Technology and quality must be the first position of the company. The company adheres to the concept of customer first and always pays attention to the consumption. The specific needs of users and end users grow with our customers.


Based on the spirit of “trust, quality, truth and responsibility”, Jieda people adhere to the principle of good faith and establish a good corporate image in all walks of life.


The various products produced are trusted by our customers.


Jieda Coatings is willing to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life to create brilliant future together!