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一、失光 二、变色 三、粉化
一、失光 二、变色 三、粉化
基面起沙严重怎么处理? 固化不均匀怎么处理? 地坪漆针孔怎么处理? 地坪漆凹陷怎么处理? 地坪漆龟裂怎么处理?
防裂的关键性措施: 1、基层面层的施工 2、跳仓浇筑施工 3、地面分割技术 4、滑移能量释放层设置技术 5、加强养护
1、底漆附着力不够; 2、地面含水率超过8%,而没有针对性措施。 3、各区域含水率不均匀。导致部分潮湿区域起皮。 4、底漆没有防潮功能。
尽量延长每道漆施工的间隔时间 避免在恶劣的环境下施工带来影响 注意材料的结构组成











Epoxy Floor Technology


Epoxy Floor Technology


Epoxy Floor Technology


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Construction Skills of Epoxy Color Sand Floor Angle

2019/06/28 17:19

Epoxy color sand floor is a new type of composite decorative floor which is composed of colored quartz sand and transparent epoxy resin.

Freely matched with one or more colored quartz sands of different colors to create a colorful decorative color and pattern. The thickness is usually 3-5mm, which is constructed by professional construction workers using professional construction equipment.

Epoxy color sand floor has the advantages of elegant decoration, abrasion resistance, heavy pressure resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, non-slip, fireproof and waterproof. It can also be made into anti-static floor.


Therefore, the colored sand epoxy floor is not only suitable for industrial floors, but also for medical, commercial and civil construction floors.

There is an important link in the construction of epoxy color sand that needs attention. This is the construction of the arc angle. Let's share the construction method of the circular corner of the epoxy color sand floor.

One step, first grinding at the corner of the arc angle to be done, cleaning the dust, repairing the pits, etc.;

Two steps, apply the primer at the corner where the arc angle is to be made, and sprinkle the bottom sand;

Three steps, mix and stir the appropriate amount of epoxy resin glue (A + B), and then add a suitable amount of towel ash to make it into a paste, and then apply the adhesive surface layer, evenly brush or brush Brush at the corner of the corner where the arc angle is to be applied;

After four steps, about 10-15 minutes, you can use the construction of the epoxy color sand arc angle.

When making the arc angle of the epoxy color sand, the mixing and the like process is the same as when the towel is applied to the adhesive surface layer. The towel ash is mixed with the epoxy resin, and then mixed with the colored sand to form a viscous mortar. Body, mixed components are: epoxy (A + B) + towel gray + colored sand.

Five steps, using a special arc angle trowel to squeeze the epoxy color sand mortar on the working surface, usually by manual operation, force the epoxy mortar body into a uniform flat arc surface.

Note: Be sure to use a special arc angle trowel for construction, it will be beautiful.

Six steps, brushing the surface glue, the arc corner rubber should also be added to the towel ash, and evenly brushed with a brush or a roller brush. To apply evenly, there should be no sag.

The above six steps are the construction steps of the circular corner of the epoxy color sand floor. I hope to bring you help. The epoxy color sand floor is beautiful and not beautiful.