Congratulations to our company promoted to the largest "South China Poly Real Estate" floor coatings class supplier! I warmly congratulate carborundum wearable Floor material sales first!

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Main business: floor paint, carborundum wearable Floor, concrete sealer, and other flooring materials
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Epoxy Floor Paint Tips


Epoxy floor paint coating process using a one-time, no matter how much of the area, there is no connection joints, but also a dust-free material with strong adhesion, abrasion, hardness and other characteristics. Now many domestic manufacturers and users to accept and use.


 2 types of Epoxy Floor Surfacing basic processes are established:


     (1) primary treatment: polished off loose layers, delamination and cement residue, to harden and increase adhesion formation;


     (2) primer construction: After primer with roller coating, scratch or brush, so that the full wet concrete and penetrated into the concrete lining;


     (3) coating the construction: the materials and amount of quartz sand coated with full mixing, trowel trowel painted with a certain thickness of the formation of dense layer;


     (4) top coating batches meeting: approved topcoat material coated with silica powder to fill the gap between the larger particles in the coating is completely cured grinding machine with dust-free sanding dust with a vacuum cleaner exhaust;


     (5) Surface coating construction: epoxy curing agent for paints and mixed evenly, trowel, brush, roller or spray to be flat even surface leveling.