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Bubble solution Epoxy Floor Coatings


Bubble film and pinhole surface defects are common, common in the solvent-based and solvent-free epoxy resin system, due to the presence of microbubbles, causing small bubbles and pinholes appear. In the water-based coating system, foam showed a giant bubble and micro-bubble state. Since the elimination of micro-bubbles and giant bubbles in different ways, requiring corresponding additives were used.


     In the solvent-based and solvent-free epoxy resin system, the presence of air the main reason leading to the pinhole, it is the small air bubbles in the paint drying process generated when the micro pores escape. In the drying process, because the paint viscosity, porosity fine pipes will not close, but ultimately retained in the dry paint film.


     Therefore, only when the film surface and no residual air or pinhole, the coating can play the best decorative effect and protection. To achieve these results, the simplest way is to choose the best construction methods to reduce the amount of air entering, but in fact, most of the time construction method determined by the actual application conditions, this method is limited. The second possibility is that by adjusting the coating formulations to reduce or eliminate microbubbles. Specifically, low foaming by choosing the best raw materials or adjust the viscosity, can also significantly reduce the foam problem, but this method is often limited by pre-performance coatings and paint specification construction