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Epoxy all within six months after construction damage, 40% of poor quality paint or construction errors, 60% is prime to have serious problems or mishandled mishandling of prime land is the basis of concrete floor casting improper handling failure and repair. We deal with many problems found during the ground floor, the owners generally have a misconception that since it is to do epoxy floor, concrete floor poured almost nothing to do with the quality, because it is to deal with, so not strictly proposed standard, and no inspection order, and concrete construction are considered that would cover anyway, and quality almost does not matter, together with those who think that the floor construction, received a project is not easy, no matter what floor of us did, Tu on the cover on the line. Almost all of the construction costs of the offer, very few well-established to deal with the cost estimates, according to requirements of good repair, the cost is very low or no cost altogether is impossible. What is more, some irregular construction team, and that they do not know what elements to quality standards and its importance, but do not know how to handle elements. And it was the prime overlooked by many to handle, as the main killer of epoxy floor damage.



Because the epoxy floor in general is only 1-3mm, high strength and then it is only covering the ground in the polymer concrete floor elements, and ultimately the real force of the concrete elements, the epoxy adhesive and then the floor strong element to delamination, the root where?

So no matter what the process of epoxy floor, prime deal is a top priority, to ensure the quality of the proposed construction plan is:



(A), concrete floor, surface treatment and defect repair factors to

1, the concrete element to quality assessment

Quality is the prime cast concrete floor to the basis of quality, the general requirement is that looks smooth, firm, hard sand, crisp sound when struck, the general left deep grinding marks not easily scratch the surface top to bottom line, no loose, with the Hammers percussion, no shell sound, surface inspection, no larger cracks, no chap, you can contract for the basic qualified.

Primary tests include the determination of moisture content of concrete, the determination of smoothness, strength.

Determination of moisture content:

Customers should know how long the concrete is curing, the bottom there is no construction of the waterproof layer, the weather during the conservation status. In general, good ventilation in summer when the sunny upstairs 15 days curing period can be, and in winter, the rainy season maintenance period should be longer. It normally takes about 1 month.

Before the construction of concrete used on the substrate moisture meter to measure moisture content is necessary, the measurement points selected by the following principles: a, ground floor (first floor); b, close windows and doors, or wall at; c, localized in the concrete been off the water after the completion of casting the place; d, gutters, drains, etc. nearby.

Determination of moisture content in the following ways:

Plastic film method (ASTM4263): to 45cm × 45cm plastic film flat on the concrete surface, sealing edges with adhesive tape after 16 hours, the film appears under the surface of black water droplets or concrete, that concrete is too wet, not painting.

Relative humidity method: put a box close to the sealed concrete surface, 24h after the determination of moisture inside. When the air temperature is 21 ℃, relative humidity of 75%, 5% moisture content of concrete, it is neither water nor desorption of moisture absorption. When the measured value is greater than 75% humidity, indicating that more than 5% moisture content of concrete.

High frequency test: Determination of passing through the instrument to receive radio waves through the concrete to determine the differences in water content.

Surface roughness:

Check with a 2 m ruler, record gap value is marked on the ground at too high to focus on grinding, low at the use of mortar repair.