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Flooring industry problems


1, small-scale enterprises, competition among small businesses


Due to Floor relatively low technological content of products, in the capital, management and industry standards so strict, so the relatively low threshold of entry, the number of medium and large enterprises within the industry less than 20% of the entire industry, more of a small construction of small-scale enterprises or organizations, only now there are nearly one hundred Beijing, and some larger floor unit project bid up to 20-30 at home. These small-scale enterprises flooring industry with less investment and quick features, floor industry in the early stages of swarm, the blind pursuit of large and small but complete, what are the production, but what is not fine, do not form their own competitive products, resulting in poor economic efficiency of enterprises, low level of technology industry as a whole, and there are a number of small enterprises in order to share a cup of soup, at the blind bargain, resulting in product prices and industry profits gradually decline, many companies can not expand production and technological transformation, let alone to guide users to the consumer demand.


Thus, living in absolute floor industry has not yet formed a monopoly enterprise, but the industry leader is still a foreign background of enterprises, especially high-end market, mostly high-end market is still dominated by foreign brands, domestic enterprises in this A few areas of breakthrough, and there is even the low-end mid-market crisis in the market also fell.


2, and not the lack of uniform standards


At present, China has issued more for product standards, testing methods and standards of construction procedures rarely, in addition to application of anti-static construction of technical regulations, anti-corrosion application of technical regulations floor, the ground outside for quality inspection and acceptance of standards for reference is not much. Floor is used in the enterprise part of Europe, Germany, the United States, Sweden, Japan and other floor technology standards of the more advanced countries have adopted a corporate standard, in which case, although to some extent, promote the domestic floor construction technology progress, but because enterprises to adopt different standards, the construction process, the material performance requirements and the grass-roots approach is also different, the construction cost quite different.


On the other hand materials, product standards have lagged behind the development of the current variety of materials, flooring products, our lack of uniform standards for effective supervision and management means, in flooring materials, products, market booming, the industry's widespread Floor materials, the problem of varying quality. Similar products in the product there is no uniform standard to divide the product level, many have been test market acceptance of flooring materials and some have not been test or did not receive market acceptance of products on the same starting line, because there is no classification and secondary products low cost and can attract customers, many companies use the existing mechanism for the domestic market flaws, shoddy, disrupting the domestic market floor and damaged the production floor enthusiasm.


3, the lack of national brand products


With the deepening of China's opening up, many international brands entered China's market multinational companies, these companies bring technology, capital, and also the floor of the domestic enterprises must bring pressure. Floor on the market in China, imported and joint venture brands occupy most of the country, nearly 3,000 enterprises in the ground floor of few domestic brands.


Our flooring company is not presently the national conditions and the conditions of their own, will be true to the localization of flooring products, create their own brands, but simply some of the rote of foreign brands into the market, is likely to be cause some companies to introduce the product as "acclimatized" price too high and are on hold, can not obtain the expected benefits. On the other hand, some low-end domestic market or by some no-name products without a license or occupy, these products are not quality assurance, and can only be limited to local operations. The lack of a national brand of flooring industry bottleneck.


4, the raw material was not complete


Floor material production involves solvents, resins, pigments, additives such as hundreds of raw materials. Flooring materials used in the production of some bulk materials such as rutile titanium dioxide, ether of the amino resin, Vinyl ester, high-grade additives such as pigments and all kinds of special long-term shortage. Some less floor dedicated raw material specifications, poor quality, seriously affecting the normal production of the introduction of devices, but also affected the development of new products and development.


5, investment in research and development of small


Science and technology are primary productive forces, but also the most competitive one of the strongest, so strengthening the scientific and technological innovation, personnel training has become essential for the development of ideas and trends. Floor of floor materials industry basic research strength is weak, often confined to the research formulation of investment in research and development accounted for only 1.2% of product sales (foreign generally 5% ~ 10%).


6, waste management did not pay sufficient attention to


    Flooring industry, the production of raw materials mainly from the waste, the production of floor coatings and coating processes. Resin floor material in the production process, a small amount of volatile organic compounds escape into the atmosphere, inevitably will increase the VOC content of the air, pollute the environment; in the production of amino resins, there is a certain amount of formaldehyde (3% so) volatile; in the production of phenolic, epoxy and other resins, to produce a certain amount of wastewater discharged. Domestic resin flooring material is solvent-based accounts for about 70%, non-solvent system is relatively small, water-based system is less.


7, a small specialized companies


Floor in our industry, specializing in flooring material production and construction of very small enterprises, more enterprises are in line with the idea of ​​diversification, no clear winner in the business strategy, for some small businesses, the face of fierce competition in the industry and limit its own power, and its results are predictable. Floor of the market structure and investment income and development in technology and productivity improvement, floor industry has spent its infancy, become the new industry segment. Flooring industry, the industrial structure affects not only the economic advantages of scale enterprises in the industry and competitive vitality of play, but also affects the integration of the development industry as a whole floor. Through analysis of the role of business relationship among the entire floor of the overall changes of the industry, identify the most conducive to the rational allocation of production factors market order and the industrial structure, thereby promoting efficient industrial structure to form the floor. Given the circumstances of floor trade, the Branch is mainly the market for the flooring industry structure and market benefit analysis for enterprise planning, development and strategy to provide a reference.