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Wear-resistant floor domestic industry overview


Wear-resistant flooring industry status

Compared to foreign industrial countries, China's flooring industry started relatively late, around the 20th century, late 80s, early 90s, a number of research institutes in China began leveling of inorganic materials research and development, but then many of the organic material has not been universal, high prices, have led to widespread use of cement-based self-leveling when the high cost, product performance instability, only remain in the experimental stage, has not been widely used. But with the reform and opening up policy, a large number of foreign flooring products into China, because of its material and construction performance is superb, once favored by the construction industry. The production of flooring materials and application of technology in the rapid economic development of the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River developed first, and then concentrated in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, east China, represented, in northern China to promote late, since the In 1999, after the introduction of the first in the Beijing area, northern China was gradually accepted and endorsed this new product into the industry have gradually increased. Now Beijing factory, workshop, warehouse, logistics center, supermarket, exhibition hall, garage, parking and so on, most products are used as the ground floor, only one in Beijing for the annual market of 300 million square meters. In addition, Tianjin, Shenyang, Changchun and other northern cities, there are many other usage, floor industry output from 2000 to 500 million yuan, annual output growth in 2003 to 50 billion yuan in output value in 2007 reached 12.0 billion, However, surface decoration in the building's share of the market rarely.


    According to the latest statistics, in 2007 the domestic production of inorganic materials, floor about 45 million tons, production value of about 6.7 billion, organic materials, floor value of about 5.3 billion. But as China's rapid economic development, nationwide new construction, renovation and expansion projects increased year by year, the country completed projects to 20 billion per year m2, which completed the project in Beijing was 38.6 million the total area of ​​m2, which is 38.6 million m2 in the civil to 20.98 million m2, public buildings is 17,620,000 m2. For reconstruction projects, the country of 50 million existing building area, which the city has 25 billion m2, rural areas have 200 billion m2, at 10 years if the updates again, every year 4.5 billion renovation project area m2, which can be calculated the annual national new construction, renovation projects total construction area of ​​6.5 billion m2, of which the public floor area of ​​approximately 2.6 billion m2.

Thus, our flooring industry has in the past 10 plus years has been rapid development, but market share is still very low, with China building a well into the historical process, can be expected over the next 15 years, China infrastructure, technological innovation, real estate and other fixed assets investment will maintain at a high level. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, China's per capita income will reach 1400--1900 U.S. dollars, China's urban per capita housing will reach 28m2, the per capita housing in rural areas to 33m2, increase the need for new housing around 80 billion m2. By 2020, urban per capita housing will reach 35m2, rural areas will reach 40m2, totaling more than 200 million of new residential m2, people will rise to the requirements of residential Zhude Hao, live comfortably, live a healthy level. View of the floor materials irreplaceable advantages and increase awareness with the public, our flooring industry also has considerable room for development, flooring market capacity is considerable.


Especially with the Beijing Olympic Games projects and large public buildings in a variety of new flooring materials, the extensive application of the national floor showing a boom market, a group specializing in flooring materials production and construction enterprises and the rapid rise of born out of by the distribution of domestic enterprises floor pie chart can be seen: At present, foreign factories in China and medium-sized enterprises and domestic private enterprises are mostly concentrated in the east and south China area and around Beijing, on the whole, my floor enterprise distribution was unbalanced.






Flooring materials across the country nearly 3,000 enterprises, associations of several indicators based on the following floor scale enterprises were divided as follows: The floor of enterprises in 3000, flooring materials for organic production and construction enterprises accounted for 70%, inorganic flooring materials production and construction enterprises accounted for 20% of the production of organic and inorganic business class were 10%, to flooring products on the market-oriented products are not many companies today, are mostly industry leader foreign-funded enterprises, but, overall, our industry has gradually become a floor area of ​​building a new industry.