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Clean up and assured "5S" activities in construction engineering floor paint Civilization


"5S" activities are the activities of construction engineering floor paint a guarantee of civilization to Japan and Western countries, industrial floor paint construction implemented, "5S" in the "S" to take order, straighten, sweep, clean and literacy, this event It is to improve the quality of workers, an effective means and measures to achieve civilized construction.


(1) Finishing


Finishing refers Clear unrelated people, things and objects, in order to ensure the safety of the construction site, and the smooth floor construction. But also a powerful guarantee for the quality of the floor.


(2) consolidation


Rectification means reasonable, site layout and construction of science, the first step in order to clear people do not want to close, things and objects after the material is placed in strict accordance with the construction layout, construction objects of personnel arrangements to achieve maximum space utilization , efficiency and maximum lift.


(3) Cleaning


Cleaning refers to the floor paint construction site cleaning, floor paint dry because it takes time, if there is a lot of dust construction environment, construction or carelessly throw objects may lead to destruction of the ground floor paint.


(4) Cleaning


It is to maintain order, straighten, sweep, is to continue and further the activities of the first three, on the one hand to ensure the normal operation of the machine, on the one hand to ensure that the floor is not damaged, while ensuring the safety of construction workers, construction maintain order, ensure floor paint construction workers are always in the best condition.


(5) Quality


This refers to the construction to improve quality floor paint construction workers, in particular to enhance security awareness (smoking, dining and other issues). Allow the company to develop a disciplined and civilized construction habits.


To carry out "5S" activities, leaders must pay attention to strengthen the organization and strict management. To "5S" interactive inclusion of personal responsibility, and in accordance with civilized standards of construction inspection, appraisal and assessment.