Congratulations to our company promoted to the largest "South China Poly Real Estate" floor coatings class supplier! I warmly congratulate carborundum wearable Floor material sales first!

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Main business: floor paint, carborundum wearable Floor, concrete sealer, and other flooring materials
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The wear-resistant floor aggregate and epoxy floor materials produced by the company are all registered trademarks, and the quality is reliable. Please feel free to purchase.


First, wear-resistant floor hardening material series


Metal wear-resistant floor aggregate, non-metal wear-resistant floor aggregate. Application and heavy friction, easy to damage, high impact venues. Such as: heavy trucks, forklift trucks frequent, heavy trucks stacking and high-precision technology processing and production of dust-proof large machine tool workshops, machinery and equipment heavy pressure workshop, easy to spill oil, oil resistant, non-slip wear-resistant places, logistics warehouses, docks , loading and unloading machinery factory, aircraft apron, underground parking lot, electronics industry, production workshop, textile industry, military industry and so on.


Second, concrete seal curing agent floor


Application range


Industrial floors, workshop floors, supermarket floors, concrete parking lots, concrete highways, airport runways, concrete bridges, concrete wharfs, concrete walls, sports centers, all places with concrete or cement mortar as the base.


Third, epoxy floor series


Ordinary epoxy floor paint, epoxy mortar floor paint, epoxy color sand floor paint, self-leveling floor paint, anti-static floor paint, anti-static self-leveling floor paint, etc., all of which have strong adhesion and resistance. It has the characteristics of good wearability, corrosion resistance, mold resistance and dust-free. It is widely used in the painting of workshops and factory floors in electronics, machinery, home appliances, pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.


Fourth, anti-corrosion floor series


Acrylic polyurethane anticorrosive paint, vinyl ester heavy anticorrosive paint, epoxy anticorrosive, antirust paint series, silicate anticorrosive, high temperature paint series, chlorosulfonated, high chlorinated polyethylene anticorrosive paint series, chloroether, perchloroethylene, Chlorinated rubber anticorrosive paint series, nitrocellulose lacquer, alkyd paint series, etc. It is widely used in anti-corrosion and anti-rust projects of steel structures, pipelines and storage tanks, and can also be used in anti-corrosion projects of concrete structures such as acid-base pools, floors and walls.


Five, acrylic stadium, sports venue ping series


All-day acrylic sportswear coating, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, colorful, strong adhesion, good elasticity, suitable for all kinds of ball sports, can show high quality in any climatic conditions.


Volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton courts, children's playground, kindergarten playground, flexible runway, etc.