Congratulations to our company promoted to the largest "South China Poly Real Estate" floor coatings class supplier! I warmly congratulate carborundum wearable Floor material sales first!

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Main business: floor paint, carborundum wearable Floor, concrete sealer, and other flooring materials
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Adopting imported production

automation control equipment, we as

sure you to choose suitable flooring materials!

Production Automatic Control

Produce & Market by Ourselves

We can make precise and detailed

standards and provide quality service

for customers with producing and

marketing all by ourselves.

Rich Industry Experience

Jida Paint has more than one

undergraduate engineer, and a group of experienced and skilled builders!


Jieda invites people of insight from all over the country to join individuals and units...


Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in floor, floor materials, paint production, sales, engineering design, construction team, etc., integrating production and service. The main products have been well-received in the industry after several years of marketing. Reputation. Recently, Jida Paint has launched a new series of excellent new coating products, which has gained great social repercussions when it first entered the market. In order to expand the market penetration rate of Jieda coating products, we are now inviting people of insight from all over the country to join individuals and organizations. At present, Jieda has three forms of cooperation, and welcome to join.


I. Information cooperation

Do you want to work together with Jeddah to create a miracle? Please apply immediately to join the Jida Coatings Information Partner!


Form of cooperation

1. Information collaborators provide effective engineering information for Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd.; Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd. pays information fees according to the engineering information level.


2. After the information project signed by the information collaborators, the corresponding project remuneration can be obtained according to the regulations.


3. Information fee and engineering fee payment method: Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd. pays through the bank card provided by the information partner.


Apply for conditions

Male or female, aged between 25 and 50 years old, requires good health, good character, a certain cultural accomplishment, convenient exchange of Mandarin, and a fixed telephone number at home. Laid-off workers, retired veterans, teachers are preferred, and home development centers are preferred.


Information partner work content

1. Project information provision: The information collaborators conduct comprehensive information collection and registration, fill in the form (information form) according to the requirements of the company's information content, and feedback to Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd. Jieda Coatings will conduct on-site investigation, verification, rating and payment of information on the engineering information that you feedback within 7 effective working days.


2. Maintenance of engineering information: assisting the marketing department of Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd. to track and maintain the feedback of the engineering information.


Application for joining

1. Fill in the application form

2. Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd. will receive your application form and notify you of the relevant information within 3 valid working days after the audit and compliance (such as information form, information rating standard, information fee form, contracted work fee form, etc.) Wait)

3. After the two parties have reached consensus, sign an agreement to protect your legitimate rights and interests from infringement.

4. Excellent information partners can apply for upgrade to become a paid regional market representative of Jieda Company.


Second, engineering cooperation

Based on the purpose of mutual benefit, Jieda Coatings Online provides you with better and faster engineering information services.


Anyone who meets any of the following conditions is welcome to join the Jieda Engineering Cooperation:

>Painting industry practitioners

>Architectural and decorative designers

>Architectural and decorative engineering practitioners

>People with extensive engineering information

>People with strong social public relations ability

>People with a good social background

Engineering cooperation service description

> Engineering cooperation is also called single project cooperation, that is, the franchisees use the various advantages in the industry to provide effective services for Jieda Coatings. To assist them in successfully completing the project cooperation, Jieda Coatings will pay the corresponding rewards as a benefit to the franchisees in order to achieve a win-win cooperation.


Engineering cooperation joining process

>Notify Jieda Coatings Co., Ltd. by phone, fax, email or online (for Jida to make specific cooperation methods)

>Jida Paint Co., Ltd. will contact you by fax, email or phone within 2 days after receiving your project-related information, and further discuss the relevant cooperation methods.

> After the two sides reached a consensus, in order to ensure your legal rights and interests, the two parties signed an engineering cooperation agreement.

>Engineering partners with excellent performance can apply to upgrade to become the general agent or construction agent of Jieda Company


Third, product agents

Invited to join the service description:

Backed by the strong technical support of the world's professional companies, Jieda Coatings has developed and produced a series of excellent architectural decoration materials. Since the launch of the product, Jida has successfully planned and organized a series of large-scale product promotion activities throughout the country, which has attracted the attention of the social construction industry and various urban planning departments. The Jieda coating products and strength have been recognized by the national counterparts. Paint brands are buzzing at home and abroad! For decades, Jeddah Coatings' engineering footprint has spread all over the country, and the Jeddah model project can be seen everywhere, which has laid a good and solid social foundation for the promotion of Jida products.


Agent qualification application process

1. Fill in and submit the application form

2. After Jieda receives your application form, contact you by phone within 2 days and discuss further agency matters.

3. Apply for approval and sign a regional agency agreement


Join conditions

1. Have a good market, brand promotion ability and channels

2, have a good network construction and maintenance capabilities

3. Have sufficient working capital, good service awareness and business reputation