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First, the scope of application:


It is used on floors that require wear-resistant impact to reduce dust, such as warehouses, docks, workshops, parking lots, maintenance workshops, workshops, warehouse-style shopping malls, etc. to the ground.


Second, the construction process


1. Base concrete pouring

The concrete pumping process of the base layer should be fully prepared to ensure continuous pouring. At the same time, the concrete setting time test must be carried out to know in advance the time from initial setting to final setting of the concrete and make it suitable for the necessary process time of the construction of the emery surface. When pouring concrete, fill the concrete between the two channels with the pre-buried channel mark as the boundary, and after vibrating and compacting, use the scraper to scrape the surface on the channel and unload it. Nuts, take the channel steel, immediately fill the concrete with concrete, and submit it to the construction team of the surface layer.


2. Emery surface construction

The Emery Face is a premixed product with high-strength and high-strength aggregates and specially formulated additives. The construction is in the initial setting stage after the completion of the newly poured concrete, and the product is divided into two times and then finished by special mechanical operation. The formed emery surface is integrated with the base concrete and has extremely high strength, hardness and dust-free properties.


3. The main process is: 1) remove the floating pulp, the first cloth: 5 to 6 percent of the base concrete before the initial setting, spread the specified amount of 2 / 3 of silicon carbide, compact the mane with a disc sander , so that the corundum penetrates into the concrete surface. 2) Leveling the details, the second cloth: After a certain period of time, the remaining 1/3 of the corundum will be sprinkled as well, with the disc sander and the metal trowel as a whole. 3) Mechanical boring operation: Perform at least three blade-type sander polishing operations depending on the concrete hardening condition. 4) Surface finish polishing: Finished by mechanical boring or manual boring. 5) Maintenance: The curing agent is cured according to the weather conditions. 6) Expansion joint cutting and PU glue joint filling. 7) Waxing and handing over.


Third, matters needing attention


The key to the success of large-area and high-standard primary-formed corundum floor construction is to pay attention to the following items:

1) The concrete setting time test must be carried out to select the appropriate concrete mix ratio and cement admixture. If the concrete is condensed too fast, the emery surface can not be constructed. When the concrete is condensed too slowly, a large amount of cement slurry will be squeezed upwards to affect the surface quality.


2) A reasonable concrete donor process must be established to ensure continuous casting and coordination with the surface construction speed.


3) It is necessary to select a reasonable surface layer material according to the requirements, strictly control the material into the field, and it is strictly forbidden to use quartz sand instead of silicon carbide to weaken the surface hardness.


4) Special level control and surface construction must be selected for construction personnel to ensure quality.


5) It is necessary to strengthen the awareness of finished product protection, especially the finished product protection of colored corundum flooring.